Paintings Gallery

New York Cityscapes

New York Cityscapes are paintings inspired by various settings in the boroughs of New York City. I often took photographs of places that interested me. Afterward, in the studio, I would reimagine the sights, interpreting them using bold colors and shapes and brushstrokes to express my vision of each.


Dreamscapes represent my internal life. I created them in the morning spontaneously from my dream life the previous night. I only used primary colors (red, blue, yellow) plus green. I made all works using oil sticks, which are chunky cylinders made of oil paint and wax. They are not the same as oil pastels as these are real oil paint.

Mixed Media Frottages

Frottages are literally “rubbings” on paper or some other surface that is placed over a textured object. The frottages are made from mixed media, including colored pencil, graphite, relief ink, oil stick, and oil pastel. Most of the frottages are created with Japanese paper and the large frottages are on wood.

Drip Paintings

This group of drip paintings are called so because the paint is literally dripped onto the canvas in a variety of ways, including from mustard or ketchup containers. The drips are comprised of dots and swirls in varying colors and thicknesses. Many of the pieces are quite large (60” x 36”) and I placed all of them on the floor and walked around in circles throughout the process. I used matte enamel exclusively. These were inspired by the methods of Jackson Pollock.